Dr. Randall Pellow, EdD


Greetings and welcome to my web page. I taught teachers in K-12 in social studies, assessment, and research. After I retired in 2004 from Shippensburg University (PA) with 36+ years, I decided to put together a website that would complement my publications for teachers and students and would serve as a place to find additional information and activities.

To help you navigate this site,

Adaptable Designs is a PDF document that provides teachers with templates for 14 designs for instructional activities that can be used for all grade levels. The idea is once you have "stripped" away an instructional unit's content, you can use the design with other units and/or subject matter. Illustrations, directions, and content are provided for each design.

Learning Centers provides teachers with information about this instructional method.

Mammals of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is written for students and allows them to conduct "research" on over 20 common mammals of the region. The document features the following components: background information, physical features, life cycle, habitat, and diet.

The Western Hemisphere is a 5th grade interactive textbook.

Pennsylvania: Our People, Places, and Past (POPPP) is a 4 th grade textbook. There are web links, such as Thinking Activities for POPPP and Web links, for POPPP.

Penns Valley Publishers is the company with whom I have published The Western Hemisphere and Pennsylvania: Our People, Places, and Past. A hyperlink is provided to their Web page.

Link to Penns Valley Publishers