Pennsylvania Pride

by Dr. Randall A. Pellow
and Gary P. Bukoski

This colorful basal program from our family of Pennsylvania studies materials is your answer to the new state standards. Pennsylvania Pride is designed for use with middle and junior high school students. This hardbound text is rich with pictures, drawings, maps and charts, all designed to visually support the lively narrative. Your students will experience the cultural heritage of our state beginning from its early days through its growth to an industrial giant.

Challenge your students with the critical thinking questions and activities which are woven into the text. Have them employ the study skill techniques demonstrated by the authors to reach the outcomes on which this text is based. PA Studies inclusive of geography, civics, sociology, economics, history, and multi-cultural studies.

• Colorful maps and illustrations
• Highly readable
• Practical examples
• Human interest studies
• Case studies
• Biographical sketches
• Critical thinking questions
• Study skills techniques
• Standard-based