Pennsylvania Story 2nd Edition

by Dr. Randall A. Pellow and Lucille Wallower

This new 2nd Edition and exciting full-color text is standards-based and designed specifically for the 3rd Grade Classroom. Our Pennsylvania Story begins with a strong emphasis on the geography of our state, including climate and wildlife, cities and transportation, waterways and landforms. Our state and local governments symbols are also introduced.

Students will learn about Native Americans and their role in Pennsylvania’s heritage, and also will enjoy the personalities from our state’s rich history, such as William Penn, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and Harriet Tubman.

Program highlights include:

• Developed specifically for 3rd grade classroom
• Engaging, highly readable narrative
• Colorful maps and illustrations
• Standards based
• Inclusive of History, Geography,Civics and Economics
• State symbols
• Biographical sketches
• Teacher Answer Key

Product details:

Softcover Text 8.5” x 11”
ISBN # 931992-22-1
Price: $26.95

Student Activity Book
ISBN # 931-992-22-2
Price: $9.00

Teacher’s Resource Binder
ISBN # 931-992-22-X
Price: $35.00