Eastern Hemisphere

by Dr. Randall A. Pellow and William C. Bucher

A work-text developed to meet the need for geography and history study of Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and Oceania.

This unique, cost-effective program is designed to be used with any classroom atlas for the study of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Program highlights include:

• 144-page softcover work text
• Consumable
• Teacher’s Resource Packet includes: Teacher’s Guide, Chapter Tests, Teacher Answer Key
• Extended activities and enrichment materials
• Outline maps for classroom projection are available online
• Each lesson develops and reinforces concepts or skills
• The Eastern Hemisphere program can be used with any classroom atlas resource, including Rand McNally Classroom and Rand McNally’s Classroom Atlas

Product details:

Softcover Work Text
ISBN # 931992-34-1
Price: $19.65

Teacher’s Resource Packet
ISBN # 931992-34-X
Price: $49.00